Book Donation and Birthday Celebration of Bhuvi.(16 Jan 2023)

Books and literacy are necessary for the development. Books are the best and true friends of mankind that motivate us in the times of adversity. They evoke emotions as well as contribute to intelligence. With an aim to encourage literacy and innovation among students, AtmaSparsha Charitable Foundation ( arranged a Birthday Celebration and Book donation at Antarbharti School of underprivileged students.

180+ students enjoyed the gathering and received curriculum and non-curriculum books from Lohakare family.

Dr. Abhiruchi gave the vote of thanks, she thanks to all teachers, for their outstanding leadership and for creating an environment where students can flourish in such a situation. And also, thanks to Lohakare family for taking the initiative to donate the books and throwing a small party for the kids.

‘anyone can celebrate and donate books to these students, for details contact on 9922113222’