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People above 60 years of age are considered as ‘old’ and constitute the ‘elderly’ segment of the population. The Indian aged population is currently the second largest in the world. The number of the over 60 population in India will increase from 76 million in 2001 to 137 million by 2021.

After having lived for years and serving their families with hard work and hard earned money, many old people are neglected by their own family members for reasons best known to them. But they have to continue their life peacefully till they depart from the world . This is possible only if some good-hearted persons come forward to take care of them without any selfish motive. There are people who consider such unfortunate beings who are totally unrelated to them as their own kith and kin and offer themselves in the service of these poor old souls.

  •  Program
    • Meditation Sessions.
    • Medical Assistance
    • Nutritive Food
    • Clothes as per Weather.
    • Help them to Reconnect / Build with the dear one.
    • Fund Raising for Critical Illness
    • Sanitary and Diapers
    • Medicines
    • Share Joy by Picnic, Games, Movie and Plays.