Throat Chakra (Vishuddha)

The practice of meditation sends grounding energy through the human body. It supports spiritual awakening by connecting one to their higher self and a higher power. Whether this is GOD, MOTHER NATURE, or Awakened Consciousness, connecting to a HIGHER SPIRITUAL PLANE of universal energy provides peace and stability.

I wish all the very best to use these Chakra Meditation Music Pieces for Mental Piece, Positive Energy, Healthy Relationships, Great Memory, and Lots of Success.

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The Throat Chakra (Vishuddhi Chakra)


A blocked Throat Chakra manifests itself through an inability to speak. If you have trouble expressing your thoughts or conveying your feelings, then your Throat Chakra might be in trouble. Alternatively, if you’re weighed down by a secret, your Throat Chakra can become blocked.


Problems in the Throat Chakra show up in the throat, vocal chords, teeth, thyroid and respiratory system. Signs and symptoms your throat chakra is blocked or out of balance.

So, what does a blocked chakra look like? According to the ancient tantra philosophy our chakras are like ‘wheels’ of energy that can either spin too fast and get overactive (energy overflow) or be too slow and underactive (not enough of this energy).

Signs of an overactive throat chakra

• Gossiping

• Hard time listening to others and focusing on what they’re saying

• Jumping into other people’s speech

• Too much complaining

• Talking too much without letting others talk

Signs of an underactive throat chakra

• Difficulty to speak up for yourself and communicating your wants and needs

• Believing you’re not in charge of your destiny. Instead, you follow all the ‘shoulds & shouldn’ts’ just like society conditioned us to do.

• Feelings of depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem

• Becoming timider

Location: Base of throat

Color: Blue

Element: Sound

Bija Mantra (seed syllable): HAM

Sanskrit Name: Visshudi (meaning: purification)

Purpose: Communication

Nerve Plexus: Pharyngeal plexus

Endocrine Gland: Thymus

Mudra: (image)

Yantra: (image)

Right: To Speak and Be Heard

Main Issues: Finding one’s voice, self-expression, speaking the truth, listening, and resonating

Excessive: Dominating voice and interrupting conversations; inability to listen; gossiping

Deficient: Fear of speaking; introversion and excessive shyness; small, weak voice; tone dear, poor rhythm

Shadow Element: Lies

Resolution: Relax neck and shoulders; singing, chanting, toning; journaling; communication skills; inner child healing


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“Remember, God is always with You, Believe in him, he believes in you.”

With lots of Hope and Positivity

Dr. Abhiruchi Jain

Spiritual Healer

Throat Chakra (Vishuddha)