• Trustee of AtmaSparsh Charitable Foundation’s fiduciary duties include a duty of loyalty, a duty of prudence, and subsidiary duties.
    • The duty of loyalty requires that the trustee administer the trust solely in the interest of the beneficiaries.
    • The duty of prudence requires that the trustee is held to an objective standard of care in managing the trust property.
    • Subsidiary rules include the duty of impartiality (no favouritism interest of the beneficiaries ).

Dr. Abhiruchi Palsapure


Mobile No.- 9922113222

Mrs. Sunanda Dafale

Vice - President

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Mr. Subhash Dafale


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Mr. Abhinandan Palsapure


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Miss. Chhaya Lohakare

Additional Secretary

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Mr. Vaibhav Bopinwar


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Miss. Nikita Chawre


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