Bird Feeder Event 2024

Bird Feeder ‘Save Bird Save Us’ Year 2024 by AtmaSparsha Charitable Trust, Nagpur with collaboration Queen’s Academy Nagpur

The AtmaSparsha Charitable Trust donated more than 500 bird feeders in the year 2024.

When the summer of Nagpur is unbearable for human beings, one cannot even imagine how unbearable it can be for these small animals. Aware of this, AtmaSparsha Charitable Trust distributed over 500 bird feeders in May and the first week of June.

We also emphasized its importance while allocating. Food donation is the best donation (annadan sarwashresta daan) in Hind culture, and it is on this basis that the organization popularized this project. Birds make a huge contribution to our nature; be it fruit seeds or flower pollen.

Today people are obsessed with keeping pets in their homes, such as the colorful birds, the chirping of the morning, heard in your window or in the gallery, and that too for four or five rupees a day.

Birds not only maintain the balance of nature but also relieve mental and emotional stress due to their association. The organization organized activities with the collaboration of ‘Queen’s Academy’ for adults as well as for children in which Drawing Competition, Self-Video and Essay Competition were held. More than 200 contestants took part in the competition,

Drawing Competition          

Age : 4 to 9     : Aarunee Ghutke, Jannya Chandrikapure, Rhythm Ghosh

Age : 10 to 14 :  Aastha Rane, Smeeral  Khaparde,   Harshika Ghangre

Self- Video Competition

Age : 4 to 9     : Parnika Ingole, Akshita Pawanarkar, Divyanka Chaware, Jiya Pandey

Age : 10 to 14 : Vaishali U Bibte, Pooja Gomase, Assi. Prof. Pallavi Pantawane

Essay Competition

Age : 10 to 14 : Ayushi Narnaware, Astha Dhadange, Ishant Bibte

emerged victorious in the Bird Feeder ‘Save Bird Save Earth’ drawing, essay & self video competition respectively.

You can find all the project information on our organization’s website, be sure to visit.

Thank you

with lots of Regards and Hope

Subash Dafale                                                                                    

Secretary, AtmaSparsha Charitable Trust, Nagpur,

Date: 3 June 2024                         

Place: Nagpur

Mob: 9922113222

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